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SkyGATE Wireless Database Access Server

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SkyGATE 2.0 – UWCT’s Scaleable, mobile application server now supports Windows CE .NET

SkyGATE 2.0 supports Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows CE .Net, Linux, Symbian and Java clients with connectivity to Databases like MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 7.x, MS SQL Server 6.x, MS Access 97, MS Access 2000, Oracle 7.x(and above) and 4D.

1.With an increasing number of .NET clients being purchased by the enterprise, how does one ensure that remote data access will be available seamlessly to your customer's mobile .NET devices?

2. In case you manufacture Windows CE .NET platform handhelds, how does one ensure that your device remains an attractive buy for the enterprise in the process of scaling its data to the .NET framework, and is still caught in the migration from traditional back-ends?

SkyGATE 2.0 server and SkyGATE client API give you the ability to quickly and AFFORDABLY render your mobile enterprise data application for ANY smartphone or PDA platform, OR provide your Windows CE .NET platform device with the ability to seamlessly transact information with non .NET ODBC compliant back-ends.

Applications created using SkyGATE (device) API communicate seamlessly with the company's middleware product, SkyGATE, that allows for development of robust device + backend resident applications with multiple user support. This framework also supports synchronization applications. SkyGATE 2.0 also supports standard database synchronization applications. Robust and feature rich mobile and wireless applications can be created using SkyGATE in one-third the usual time, significantly doing away with server-side programming overheads. SkyGATE device API allows developers to configure the application easily to the back-end database. SkyGATE can be integrated directly into the enterprise to serve vertical applications in finance, retail, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, hospitality and logistics.

SkyGATE Features

Application enabling
SkyGATE allows only data required by the PDA to flow over the external network. The enterprise can control the data that flows in/out of the organization. SkyGATE provides a simple data controller application to allow only specific data to be send to specific applications.

User Profiles
Profiles allow SkyGATE to control user's access to specific data. Example: A sales profile would limit the user to only data related to sales information to the specific user. A production profile would allow access to production and inventory data for the specific user.

Database connectivity
SkyGATE provides database query and save features to remote PDAs and Laptops. The SkyGATE data controller for the application controls the query and save features.

SkyGATE mail
Email from corporate POP3 or IMAP accounts can be accessed through SkyGATE . Email can also be sent through SkyGATE through its configured SMTP server. PDA clients can use this service to access email and to send email through SkyGATE. SkyGATE mail supports attachments in the Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

SkyGATE Real-time access
Real-time access to data over the wireless link with the minimum trip delay. Example: Used to access tickers or process control data which can change very quickly.

SkyGATE client API
The API provides a secure, reliable and authenticated link to the SkyGATE server. The API is used to build custom applications for SkyGATE. The API is provided for Palm OS (3.x and above), Laptops Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows CE (3.0 and above - Pocket PC) and Linux.

Contractual SkyGATE Development Services 

UnWiredConnect offers application customization services and a network of SkyGATE developer partners to the enterprise seeking operation-critical , feature rich mobile computing and wireless applications at minimal effort. UnWiredConnect directly offers SkyGATE development services under its SkyGATE Preferred Partner Program.






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