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SquidPOS & UM - Handheld POS, unified messaging and discount management for Retail

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Turn up the heat on your Retail competitors.

SquidPOS & UM - handheld POS, unified messaging and discount management for Retail  

UWCT gives you a unified customer messaging and customer (card) identification solution that will not only ensure pain free and accurate discounting, but also monitor your discount behavior.

Since the solution integrates with SquidPOS, your staff wastes no extra effort on price checks because the item prices against your loyalty customer database update automatically! 

SquidPOS & UM - features

• mobile as well as fixed billing using both wired and wireless handhelds. SquidPOS concurrently integrates with bar-code scanning, bill printing and loyalty card swipe features.

• Automation of re-order levels and stock performance driven forecasting to ensure that item unavailability is minimized.

• support for stocktaking and re-order planning functions in addition to stock report generation 

• easy-to-use checklists for received goods and indent generation, ensuring that store staff spend less time and effort on redundant paper entries. 

• aisle-side attendant that customers can use to look up information on item locations by category, ongoing discounts and promotions. 

• Effective report generation on discount performance, stock performance, unavailabilities – “Stars, Dogs..”and performance by season, time of day and festival times.

• Significantly Enlarged UI for high-speed operations. 

• Customer loyalty programs that allow for managed discounting eg. Seasonal/ stock mover 

• Discount monitoring. 





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