Sales Force Automation - The Real Issues

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Sales Force Automation - The Real Issues

Knowledge How much revenue do you risk losing owing to better after sales support from competition? or extended warranties? Or Price? How much do you truly stand to gain, if you discount against competition this quarter. Or are your customer issues price-independent? 

Efficiency How much time do your salespeople spend bound to a PC or booting their laptops to enter data? Do your salespeople have to connect through constrained browsers on cellular phones to access critical information? Does this discourage them from looking up valuable information while with your customers? Do your salespeople have the information they really need, while they sit getting quizzed before your customer or prospect, (who is possibly logged into the customer area of your competitor’s website for updated stock status, shipping detail, price and lead time for delivery)? 

Accuracy Multiple quotes can get generated during the sales cycle. So how do you ensure your quotations are more attractive than your competitors? Remember, its not just about the price of what your offering. Is there any data that could have been captured to ensure an increase in order probability?  

Perspective Financial and order processing systems can never give your salespeople the information they need to make a high value sale. Such information is post-quotation information. Your customer’s buying decisions rely on critical information exchange and capture, even prior to quotation.  

The solution lies in managing the sales front end through easy to use, non invasive applications that allow for unrestricted usage irrespective of location, PC and network availability. This can allow for effective capture and exchange of relevant information.

Read on to find out how SquidSALES, UWCT’s mobile SFA, fulfils these challenges. 









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