Sales Force Automation - The Real Issues

SquidSALES - Snapshot Prospect & Cycle Information - Not Dead, Past Sales Data

Retail Challenges

SquidPOS & UM - Handheld POS, unified messaging and discount management for Retail

SquidPOS - Foodservice

SquidROUTE - Sales Route Accounting and Management

SkyGATE - Wireless Server

Enterprise Solutions

UWCT consults to your enterprise while analysing your business processes to identify the right mobile device, right network and nature of back-end integration to optimise your wireless solution for quick and maximised returns, low usage costs and high reliability. UWCT’s focus in this area is geared toward enabling the enterprise to capture dynamic and critical data at the point of activity and translate it into meaningful and profit driven information solutions.

UWCT is providing enterprises and enterprise software products with the capability to exchange critical data unhindered by geographical and temporal barriers. UWCT has engineered high-returns mobile computing solutions serving Point of Activity and Customer Management for Retail and Hospitality as well as Field Sales and Field Force Automation. 

Enterprise Application focus 

1. Field Sales and Merchandising

2. Mobile/Wireless Sales Force Automation and Account Management 

3. Handheld Point Of Sale /billing for Retail and Hospitality environments 

4. Mobile Healthcare Management and Patient Care

5. Field Service and Dispatch

6. Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery 

7. Transportation and Logistics 

8. Mobile Finance management packages



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