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Snapshot Prospect and Cycle Information
Not Dead, Past Sales Data

SquidSales application perspective:

• Unique “Issues” lookup. This points out your company’s present day bottlenecks in selling so you can correct them before its too late.

• Derived data on the move for your salesperson, including shared competitor info.

• Critical sales call data that is usually lost somewhere in the sales report become the pivot of your selling activity with SquidSales unique graphical reports. 

SquidSales is a unique and easy to use SFA solution that allows companies to-

• Increase sale probability

• Make critical sales call data (that is usually lost somewhere in a call report) the pivot of your company’s selling activity

• Achieve transparency across the sales cycle

• Ensure easy, updated and accurate sales call reporting and lead management.

• Centralize crucial data instantly

• Strengthen the sales-process with lock-down features for salespeople

• Provide critical snapshot information on existing obstacles to sale, while a sales opportunity is open.

• Improve decisions that are made prior to the quote and thereby drive sale probability.

• Pinpoint bottlenecks in selling 

• View dynamic sales variance reports. Generate detailed reports and drill through Sales Activity, Report View, Period, Region, Salesperson/Channel Partner and Product Group.

• Automate monitoring of sales information and alerting (task and hazard alerts - triggered automatically)

All of this in addition to standard call reporting, contact management and forecasting.

SquidSales is currently available for Direct and Channel Partner Sales operations. SquidSales uses a mobile Palm OS® front-end, with a supporting PC module







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