SkyGATE 2.0 Wireless Database Access Server Features  
Developer API Yes
PalmOS (Metrowerks Codewarrior 6.0 and above) Yes
eVC++(emb. Visual Studio from Microsoft) Yes
eVB(emb. Visual Studio from Microsoft Yes
Symbian Series 60 SDK Yes
Programming Language(s)  
C Yes
C++ Yes
VB Yes
Price/Licensing Per seat lifetime user licensing or server licensing
XML Support No
.NET Support* Yes
Databases supported SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 7.0 and above, 4D 6.7 and above and MySQL 3.x and above.
Install Time 10minutes
Ease of Installation High
Ease of use High
Mobile and handheld platforms supported Pocket PC 2002, Palm OS,Win CE .NET, EPOC from Symbian, Windows 95, 2000,XP,XP embedded,Linux, embedded Linux, Custom embedded clients
SkyGATE Server Operating Systems Windows XP/2000/NT/98, Linux 2.2 and above, Solaris (7.x and above)
Wireless options supported All TCP/IP
Desktop/Server component Yes
Evaluation Version Yes
Access beyond Firewall Ports to be opened
Persistent Data Yes
Synchronization support Yes
Concurrent usage Yes
Security Authentication and Encryption
Encryption Triple DES
Authentication Yes
Telenet/Radius/VPNs VPN - Yes, Others Planned
Desktop Access & File Browsing Yes
Real time Database Viewing and Editing(Clientside) Yes
Management and Administration Internet Browser or Windows Client
User Profiles Yes
Product Support 2 months of free support - extendable under contract
* supported under the .NET Compact Framework
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