Sales Force Automation - The Real Issues

SquidSALES - Snapshot Prospect & Cycle Information - Not Dead, Past Sales Data

Retail Challenges

SquidPOS & UM - Handheld POS, unified messaging and discount management for Retail

SquidPOS - Foodservice

SquidROUTE - Sales Route Accounting and Management

Prompt your company and its salespeople to take decisions that will bring you closer to a sale. 

Relevant data from all sales PDAs/Desktops is aggregated at the backend application provided by UWCT. This would include information on sales stages, quotes, orders, sales bottlenecks and sales performance against actual/forecast with respect to targets (quotas).

SquidSales Front-end

Contacts (local) 
Customers/Accounts (global) 
Opportunity module (leads/deals) 
Item list (quantity on hand - price - lead times) 
To do 
My plan Vs My actual 
My plan Vs My Forecast 
By Zone (for sales person) 
Plan (sales target plan) 

SquidReports - 

Variance reporting

1. Current Performance by district budgeted/planned vs. Actual 
2. by region/zone or salesperson -- budgeted/planned vs. Actual 
3. Account information by variance- 
4. Dealer Activity by district 
5. Dealer Activity by salesperson 


1. Sales Pipelines 
2. Opportunity Stages 
3. Pipeline Forecasts Against budgeted/planned 

Bottleneck reports

1.Factors prohibiting sale by district/salesperson 





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