Other Solutions
  JustWired™ USB OTG Solutions – UWCT offers JustWired™, a comprehensive solution on USB OTG Design, Development, Test & Validation suite
  SkyGATE™ Wireless Database Access Server – Scaleable, Wireless, Mobile Application Server for PalmOS, Pocket PC/Windows CE, Symbian and Laptops.
  Embedded Software Engineering – Porting of RTOS on target hardware platforms, Device driver & Firmware Development.
  Mobile Computing Applications – Application/Utility development on various mobile computing platforms such as Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian, Win 95/98/2000/XP, etc.
  Protocol Development & Implementation – Wired & Wireless Networking & Communication protocol stack development and implementation
  Embedded Solutions
UnWiredConnect Technologies (UWCT) competency lies in Embedded software development, test and validation for Original Equipment Manufacturers.
UWCT applies cutting edge technologies and in depth knowledge to ensure that its customer’s embedded software solution is the best. Technology alliances with leading industry partners ensure customer products use cutting-edge technologies and components available.

Time and Attendance monitoring:

Peripherals: Barcode reader, GSM phone and Wired Ethernet. The bar-coded photo ID cards were used by the users to register their IN and OUT times. The attendance device connected to a remote Internet server over TCP/IP and pushed the attendance records to it. The remotely hosted server provided a reliable authenticated link to a remote database (MySQL).

Attendance device features:
  • Download capability to Laptop (over wired Ethernet if GSM links fail).
  • IN/OUT indication using LEDs.
  • Battery backed operation in case of power cuts.
  • HTTP based configuration.
Attendance EMBEDDED Remote Server features:
  • Configurable data elements (through a server configuration file).
  • Reliable connectivity over wireless network to database.
  • Can also interface to Palm OS, Windows CE and other systems.
  • Session management to re-start aborted transfers.
Operating Systems: Micro C II, Windows CE and Linux.

Tools used:
Dynamic C for Rabbit series of Microprocessors/Microcontrollers, GCC (Linux)

UWCT offers its embedded services customers engineered solutions that compress time-to-market and deliver maximized quality through adherence to rigorous guidelines. UWCT's services include development of Board Support Packages, Custom Device Drivers and Executives on a variety of Operating Systems or processors, development upper protocol stacks (Bluetooth/IP/USB) and profiles as well as porting of existing embedded software to multiple target platforms. UWCT also offers its services to integrate multi-party embedded products to deliver a full OEM platform solution.

UWCT develops for industry specific data-acquisition, exchange and communication components and devices serving Bluetooth, 802.11, GPRS, Device Drivers, Real Time Operating Systems, Test & Measurement Instrumentation, Medical Instrumentation and embedded systems.

UWCT offers embedded application development on various platforms to help OEM’s deliver their systems faster and with better quality. UWCT can integrate its applications with connectivities utilizing:
  • Bluetooth
  • Infra-red
  • Serial
  • Serial Multidrop
  • 802.11(wireless Ethernet)
  • GSM

UnWiredConnect has extensive expertise on various microcontrollers(8031 family) and microprocessors (Z80, x86) ranging from 8bit to 16bit from various vendors. UWCT has delivered a range of innovative products based on the Rabbit Microcontroller (Z80 core). UWCT has also interfaced products delivered with a variety of peripheral devices like serial communication devices (RS232, RS422, SPI, I2C ), Barcode readers (Unitech and others), magnetic swipe readers, modems, GSM mobile phones, wireless and wired networks.

UWCT is a Bluetooth Adopter Member, and critical to UWCT's expertise is its participation in standards and research bodies such as the Bluetooth SIG.

UWCT has provided technical consulting on Bluetooth, Infrared and 802.11b and has created a variety of applications. UWCT has also actively worked on a Home Network Gateway, integrating a Bluetooth stack and hardware on to a Home networking product in addition to creating application development Interfaces for the Bluetooth Interface for development of third-party applications over Bluetooth links. The Home gateway used Linux and low cost components to build a simple but effective solution.

UWCT is utilizing Bluetooth's open standard for robust, low-cost, low-power radio for short-range wireless transmission of voice, data, and multimedia. Bluetooth is making possible a world of mobile phones, Internet appliances, digital still cameras, medical-monitoring devices, and car information systems. UWCT is serving this market by providing Bluetooth enabled Product Development, application support on Bluetooth, related consultancy services and protocol stack development.

  • Product Design and Architecture
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Standards interpretation
  • System specification
  • Algorithm design, modeling and simulation
  • Component specification and selection
  • System Software Development and porting
  • System integration and debug
  • Protocol and system software porting
Licensable Intellectual Property

The following is a cross-section of the IP developed, supported and used by UWCT:
  • Bluetooth Product Design
  • Upper protocol stack
  • Application profiles
  • Reference designs based upon leading third party chipsets
  • IEEE802.11b based Product design
  • Protocol stack
  • Baseband Controller
UnWiredConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has successfully been providing robust and scaleable embedded and wireless solutions to the enterprise and the OEM. UWCT's also creates device-level applications for short and long-range wireless using proprietary or available communication platforms for seamless and convenient inter-device communication over wireless ranges.

Service Offerings and Competencies
  • Platforms:ARM, StrongARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86, Rabbit, microcontrollers and others.
  • Languages:Assembly (68K and others), microcode (eg. Micro C), C, C++, Embedded Java.
  • RTOS: ATI Nucleus, Embedded LINUX, QNX, EPOC, Windows CE, Windows NT Embedded, Palm OS, and Custom Executives.
  • Services:Custom Real Time Application development, Custom Device Drivers including Serial communication (RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, USB), Flash memory applications, Compact Flash, Ethernet, IrDA, 802.11, Bluetooth and others.
Protocol Development
  • UnWiredConnect has expertise in developing Bluetooth wireless protocols (IrOBEX, RFCOMM, SDP, L2CAP and HCI).
  • Serial protocols for reliable upload and download between devices (PCs, Handhelds and embedded devices).
  • Reliable re-startable protocols to access databases from disparate devices (PCs, Handhelds and embedded devices).
Protocol Implementation
  • Implementation of GPS, DGPS and NMEA 0183 protocols. .
    Implemented the DGPS software for a GPS device implemented on ERAM (Silicon with processor and memory together). Interfaced the Garmin eTrex, Garmin 12 XL, SiRF and a compact flash GPS with the Pocket PC. The Pocket PC application runs continously, parsing and displaying the different NMEA messages on the Pocket PC User Interface.
  • Implementation of the IrOBEX protocol over TinyTP (IR) to interface Windows 2000 to Palm OS devices and Pocket PC devices (running PeaceMaker).
  • Implementation of the Bluetooth protocol stack on Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows 98.
  • OS independent layer and OS dependent layer partitioning. Profiling and Performance optimization of protocols.
Device Driver Development – Linux
  • Device Driver development for Bluetooth, Keyboard and Flash file systems.
  • Target Platform: Linux Redhat 6.2 and above.
Device Driver Development – Microsoft Windows
  • Expertise in developing Device drivers for Bluetooth, Keyboard, USB and serial devices.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.
Application Development
  • SunOS 4.x, Solaris, Windows 95, Windows NT/98/2000/XP
Bluetooth applications

Developed Bluetooth LAN access points, developed and deployed embedded Bluetooth stacks. The Bluetooth LAN access point was implemented using Ericsson Bluetooth modules, ARM based processors and Linux. Implemented Bluetooth conformance test suites to prepare the product for BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Board) qualification. Test suites were implemented using Ericsson Bluetooth modules and Linux. Rapidly prototyped Bluetooth applications, to quickly provide proof of concept for demos and for user surveys.

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