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  JustWired™ USB OTG Solutions – UWCT offers JustWired™, a comprehensive solution on USB OTG Design, Development, Test & Validation suite
  SkyGATE™ Wireless Database Access Server – Scaleable, Wireless, Mobile Application Server for PalmOS, Pocket PC/Windows CE, Symbian and Laptops.
  Embedded Software Engineering – Porting of RTOS on target hardware platforms, Device driver & Firmware Development.
  Mobile Computing Applications – Application/Utility development on various mobile computing platforms such as Microsoft Smartphone/Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian, Linux, Java ....
  Protocol Development & Implementation – Wired & Wireless Networking & Communication protocol stack development and implementation
  JustWired™ USB OTG Solutions
UWCT offers JustWired™, A service solution for USB OTG Design, Development, Test & Validation suite. It provides Design services for driver development and implementation of Protocol stacks in a portable format or ported to specific platforms. UWCT’s OTG Test and Validation platform provides device developers with the ability to test their implementation of the OTG and to validate it before entering the market.

USB OTG technology's adoptability overrides the market need to provide the portability and low-power features needed by consumer electronic devices such as Digital Cameras, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Cell phones, Portable audio players, but also not limited to other peripherals like Printers, Scanners, etc.
  OTG Devices shall be dual role devices (they shall be able to work as a USB host and as a USB peripheral, though they have to play a specific role at any point of time. A role switch is also possible).
  In the process of OTG implementation it is imperative to have a target list of peripherals and appropriate device drivers to support specific peripherals. If it’s an OTG peripheral the device should support the Session Request Protocol (SRP). Additionally the OTG device host would need to support the Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP).

UWCT has implemented the USB OTG specific software layers of the SRP and the HNP in a portable format. This enables us to address different CPUs (ARM, x86, 8051 and others) and Operating systems, enabling the device implementer to bring the device faster to the market. The OTG layers shall be ported to the Windows CE/Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian, Linux and Win32. (Windows 2000/XP).

UWCT has developed a comprehensive and generic OTG platform that can be integrated with your design. UWCT also has the capability to integrate third party OTG and other components in to your design. UWCT has expertise on the Cypress OTG paltform and the TI OMAP platform.

UWCT has design expertise in Device driver development, Protocol development & implementations on Windows CE/Pocket PC/Microsoft Smartphone, Palm OS, Symbian, Linux platforms, which it means a one-stop Design centre for all your USB OTG design needs.

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