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  JustWired™ USB OTG Solutions – UWCT offers JustWired™, a comprehensive solution on USB OTG Design, Development, Test & Validation suite
  SkyGATE™ Wireless Database Access Server – Scaleable, Wireless, Mobile Application Server for PalmOS, Pocket PC/Windows CE, Symbian and Laptops.
  Embedded Software Engineering – Porting of RTOS on target hardware platforms, Device driver & Firmware Development.
  Mobile Computing Applications – Application/Utility development on various mobile computing platforms such as Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian, Win 95/98/2000/XP, etc.
  Protocol Development & Implementation – Wired & Wireless Networking & Communication protocol stack development and implementation
  Mobile Computing
UWCT has always seen mobile and wireless as necessary rather than revolutionary. UWCT offers its products and services to the enterprise software product to provide for scaleable and robust solutions that will provide for distinct competitive advantage.

ISIS - Retail Management Automation for Strategic National

The Retail Management of Strategic National is now supported by SPT 1800 Symbol Palm Terminal with integrated bar code scanning and wireless communication which enables users to capture, compute and communicate data anytime, anywhere which increases the mobility and productivity of the business with more accuracy and perfection. The applications help the personnel in choosing the retail outlet and do the predetermined jobs assigned by the head office. The personnel updates information about the outlet regarding Price of a product, promotional measures adopted by the retail store for particular products, Range and Distribution for a set of product segments, Hardware, product Demonstrations undertaken by the store for a variety of products and Projects and Surveys to analyse the performance of various products among the customers. The information is updated to the remote server with the help of SkyGATE wireless database server. The personnel can review his task accomplished and check out for the unfinished task from his Palm. The personnel can also take the sales order entry in his palm and can also review the status of the sales order entry (i.e.) it can be checked from the palm whether the sales order has been updated with the remote server or not.

Mobile computing will be lot more communicative than a desktop or a PC application. A user can capture the information at the point of activity and greatly enhance both enterprise productivity as well as the quality of information that reaches the enterprise product as the information is caught is more accurate. Mobile computing will be able to satisfy the customers’ unique needs and also help them in replacing the cumbersome PC’s and laptops which will make the enterprise highly competitive in this global economy. This also increases the mobility of the business.

UWCT consults to your enterprise while analyzing your business processes to identify the right mobile device, right network and nature of back-end integration to optimize your wireless solution for quick and maximized returns, low usage costs and high reliability UWCT’s focus in this area is geared toward enabling the enterprise to capture dynamic and critical data at the point of activity and translate it into profit driven solutions.

Eclipse Field Service Management for the Palm OS and Pocket PC

The Eclipse Professional Service Management System is now supported through Eclipse PDA to run on Palm OS and PocketPC enabled devices.Technicians in the field will no longer feel that they are distanced from the organization. A field technician can be in touch with customers as much as needed by embracing wireless technology. From service call logging, dispatch management, billing, service agreement management, labour and parts management, purchasing through to knowledge management, marketing and historical tracking and reporting. The needs of the remote customer can be met, without having to open up more 'brick & mortar' facilities at expensive cost.

The handheld connects with Eclipse Server/Desktop and allows the user to receive Active service calls into the PDA along with information on site location, the assets/equipment that need servicing etc. Eclipse PDA loads a complete list of parts are routinely in stock for pricing information at hand and can reference these parts as they are used on the job. Labour details can be entered into the PDA, and through the use of intelligent pull down menus of routine phrases that are used in resolving problems, the amount of data entry on the PDA is minimized. A signature capture feature allows service customers to sign off on the acceptance of the work on the PDA screen. This signature is sent back to Eclipse as an image and is stored in the Eclipse database to authorize the billing of the job when synchronized back with the main system.

The mobile front end is unlike any other. Multiple influence points well beyond the mobile device and network type in use burden it. The user work habits, schedules, environment, location and the nature of activity are causative influences. Even the end customer being served can define a critical success factor for the mobile application. In the fast moving wireless world it becomes easy to stray from critical success factors and usability on the move, and get caught in emerging device types and network connectivity that will not deliver measurable values.

In spite of challenges posed by never ending device types and multiple connectivity solutions, mobile and wireless technologies have delivered clear value to enterprise users. In applications serving Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Field Force Automation, a buying decision is today influenced by how effectively and accurately a customer’s mobile worker can leverage information on the move. The same applies to the vertical industry software products in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail, hospitality and construction.

Toshiba G7 Application – Pocket PC/ Palm OS

The Toshiba G7 Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) is configured from the Laptop/PC using a RS232 or RS485 interface cable. Expensive and cumbersome laptop/PC can be replaced with a handheld or phone running Palm OS/Windows CE or Symbian. Hand held devices can be very useful when ASD are located at a place where the PC/Laptop is cumbersome to use. This is useful for System Integrators who are bringing up a factory/assembly line/conveyor belt etc.

UWCT’s solutions and SkyGATE’s wireless synchronisation logic allows for fingertip storage and usage of critical IS data without having to connect repeatedly through a browser to a remote server.

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