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UnWiredConnect Technologies Releases SkyGATE 2.0 to Connect Enterprise Databases to Windows CE .NET Devices

SkyGATE offers unbeatable value to Windows Embedded developer partners and handheld application developers

13 June, 2003

SkyGATE 2.0 Wireless Database Access server brings to mobile and wireless client-server application developers direct access to popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle or Microsoft Access and ODBC-compliant databases like Sybase, DB2, 4D etc. The SkyGATE 2.0 client and API support for Microsoft Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Windows CE .NET (among others), Windows XP Embedded and eVB 3.0, eVC++ (3.0 and 4.0), J2ME, and 'C' programming environments. SkyGATE 2.0 provides fast and secure database access, enabling application developers to quickly and painlessly integrate untethered handheld devices with almost any enterprise database. SkyGATE lowers traditional wireless client-server development investment per application by up to 50%, and speeds time-to-market by 40%.
SkyGATE 2.0 enables developers to work with wired or wireless networks ranging from GSM, GPRS, CDMA, CDPD, 802.11 Wireless LANs, Bluetooth, Mobitex, proprietary RF Nets and Wired LANs among others, irrespective of bandwidth-constraints and latency, with no instance of data loss owing to SkyGATE's robust session management features.

SkyGATE's benefit to Enterprise IS Managers
SkyGATE 2.0 supports the Microsoft Windows CE .NET platform and Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC. This enables developers to support IT managers in their quest for one solution across myriad platforms. Since SkyGATE encourages device data residency owing to its platform-specific client software, communication costs are significantly lower than middleware solutions that support microbrowsers and mark-up languages. SkyGATE's support for Windows CE .NET devices offers enterprises migrating to the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework from legacy systems unmatched flexibility. Using SkyGATE, Windows CE .NET platform devices can access traditional ODBC back-ends, lowering migration and handheld device selection concerns for the mobile enterprise.

"In conjunction with Windows XP Embedded and Windows CE .NET 4.2, UnWiredConnect's SkyGATE 2.0 combines robust tools and a development environment that enables developers to bridge the wireless enterprise data gap between .NET and existing legacy systems," said Scott Horn, Director of Embedded Devices Group at Microsoft Corp.

SkyGATE 2.0 is available as both developer and end-user licenses, as SkyGATE client API and SkyGATE 2.0 server, at between US$10 to US$350 per user depending on volumes. This year 2003 introductory pricing is subject to change. Under SkyGATE's Preferred Partner Program (currently open), prices are 35% lower than the published price.

SkyGATE 2.0 in Wireless Field Service Management and CRM
UnWiredConnect has deployed SkyGATE 2.0 enabling a Wireless Field Service Management system in Europe, using Psion NetPad Windows CE .NET clients and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for a Preferred SkyGATE Developer Partner. The wireless connectivity option used is a Wireless LAN (802.11b) and GPRS. SkyGATE 2.0 has also been deployed with a small footprint SkyGATE embedded clients for a Manufacturing facility in Asia. Other imminent deployments include a GPS solution in the US using J2ME cellular phones, a Remote Network Monitoring software enhancement in South America and installations in Wireless Sales Force Automation, Wireless Field Service Management, specialized OEM applications, and Retail and Distribution.

Contact UnWiredConnect for Developer Partner endorsements.

Features of SkyGATE 2.0

Enterprise connectivity
Supports connectivity to popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle, Microsoft Access , MySQL and ODBC-compliant databases like Sybase, DB2, 4D.

Triple DES available. Certicom licenses can be integrated.

User and database access and management rights are managed by user profiles. This provides for a single point managing wireless access to Enterprise data. SkyGATE allows for extensive audit trails to enable IT managers to control information flow through SkyGATE.

SkyGATE Client platforms
SkyGATE 2.0 can be used with Windows CE, Palm OSŪ, J2ME, Windows laptops and tablets, embedded Linux, Symbian based devices and custom smartphones and handhelds.

SkyGATE Server platforms
SkyGATE 2.0 runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, Linux 2.2 and above, Solaris (7.x and above)

Application Programming Environments Supported
Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic 3.0, Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 3.0, Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 for Windows CE. C on MetroWerks Codewarrior for Palm OSŪ, C/C++ for Symbian and Linux and Java for J2ME phones.

Add-on client options - SkyGATE Wireless email
Email from corporate POP3 or IMAP accounts can be accessed through SkyGATE and sent through its configured SMTP server. SkyGATE mail supports attachments in the Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Available as separate licenses.

Installation time
10 Minutes

Number of wireless users supported
Upto 100,000 (This can be increased based on server hardware and clustering as specified by UnWiredConnect)

Send an email to for a SkyGATE 2.0 free 30 day evaluation version from UnWiredConnect Technologies for a free 30 day trial specifying choice of API (Windows CE .NET, Pocket PC(2000 and 2002), Symbian or Palm OSŪ). UnWiredConnect provides free support for a limited number of evaluation downloads through email, newsgroups and vide telephone.

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the ability of SkyGATE 2.0 to help developers speed time-to-market for enterprise mobile applications and reduce programming costs. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include the perceived and realized benefits of mobile and wireless computing, the adoption of industry-wide standards and the risks associated with any new product development and product enhancements, and other risks that may vary based on the overall health of the technology industry and vertical markets.

Palm OSŪ is a registered trademark of Palm Inc., Java, J2ME and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Symbian is a registered trademark of the Symbian consortium. The names of actual companies and other products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

About UnWiredConnect Technologies

UnWiredConnect Technologies is a pioneer in Mobile Computing, Wireless & embedded programming, UWCT offers de-risked, high returns solutions to the ISV & the OEM. UWCT also utilizes its expertise in mobile computing & communication software to provide enterprise-class wireless solutions for SFA, CRM and Field Service Management.

UWCT is a Windows Embedded Partner, Bluetooth SIG adopter & registered Palm OS developer. UWCT's embedded expertise spans the ARM, Z80, x86, 8051 & ATMEL range of microcontrollers/processors. UWCT delivers embedded technologies for multiple target platforms including RTOS, custom BSPs & executives, in addition to extensive electronic design to manufacture expertise. UnWiredConnect also provides consulting and development on Bluetooth, serial comm, IR & 802.11b in areas ranging from profiles to upper protocol stacks(Bluetooth/IP).
The company's wireless server product, SkyGATE, serves as a key enabler for Wireless CRM.

For more information, visit the UnWiredConnect Web site at

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