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Eclipse and UnWiredConnect ring in a new flavor of Mobile CRM for Christmas!

16 December, 2002

Tech Solutions builds the Eclipse Service Management software to give service personnel a technical edge when dealing with their customers, enhancing customer service through wireless and Web capabilities and strengthening overall customer satisfaction. Their service management software caters to a wide range of industries, including telecommunications and utilities companies, field service organizations, and computer integrators and resellers. With such varied clients, the people of Tech Solutions needed a solid, reliable mobile client/server platform that would not only help create high-quality, service management software, but one that would also accommodate the increasing needs of service managers and personnel on a global scale.

In September 2002, Eclipse Service Management chose UnWiredConnect to provide mobility to their popular field service management software utilizing the Palm OS(r) and Windows Pocket PC 2002 platform.

With the new software there is no longer a need for end users and technicians to lug around heavy clipboards, laptops and folder contraptions. They also now have the ability to enter labor and parts consumed in service while they are either on the job, or right afterwards. No more handwriting and faxing of job information back to the office is necessary. No more entry at the end of the day on the web, duplicating what they already captured in the field.

All of this is available with Eclipse PDA, the add-on product to the sophisticated Eclipse Professional Service Management System. Eclipse PDA is designed to run on Palm OS or Pocket PC devices. By adding an extra application to your PDA, users can now cradle sync the PDA unit with their Eclipse Professional database. Its easy and simple to transfer what is captured in the field back to Eclipse, and to have Eclipse send users all of the new service calls and information that technicians have been allocated to.

"The Eclipse PDA software installs on your PDA device, and also has a partner 'conduit' program that runs on your computer workstation. You dock your PDA with the computer, and it will connect with Eclipse and allow you to receive all Active service calls right into your PDA. When you are on the road, you have access to all the information you need for the service call, the site location, the assets/equipment that you have to service, etc. It even loads down a complete list of your parts that you routinely keep in stock so you have pricing information at hand and can reference these parts as they are used on the job. Your labor is entered into the PDA, and through the use of intelligent pull down menus of routine phrases that you use in resolving problems, you can minimize the amount of data entry on the PDA." says Mr. Myles Wakeham, Director of Engineering for Eclipse.

"There is even a place for your customer to sign off on the acceptance of the work right on the PDA unit! This signature is sent back to Eclipse as an image and is stored in the Eclipse database to authorize the billing of the job when you synchronize back with the main system." says Myles Wakeham.

Both companies see the increasing sales of convergence devices such as Handspring's TREO communicator boosting their joint commitment to bring point-of-activity computing to CRM. For more information on EclipsePDA, log on to or and click the Eclipse logo on our homepage.

For more information, visit the UnWiredConnect Web site at

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